Frequently Asked Questions


Some questions that we get asked… Have your own question? Ask us!
When is your train show?
Our annual train show and open house happens every October. See our Show page to find out this year's date.
Are you open to the public?
We are open to the public every Thursday. Please see our Visit us page for more information on planning your visit
How big is the layout?
The layout space is around 90 feet by 35 feet
Will the layout ever be finished?
No! Our hobby is building as well as running a layout. If we were to finally 'finish' the layout, we would go back to a completed section and make it better (or at least different).
How much do you get paid to work on the layout?
If only life were so kind. We pay dues to the club to work on the layout. We actually pay to work on the layout through our dues. Our dues pay the rent, bills and supplies needed to build and maintain the layout.
How long is the main line?
We have 578 route feet of main line using the longest route, Fredericksburg-Charleston-Fredericksburg. That's 9.75 scale miles. It was determined by putting together a train about 20 feet long and counting the number of train lengths one circuit of the layout took and multiplying by the actual length of the measuring train.
Do you use DCC?
Our layout set set up so we can run trains via DC or DCC power. We use the NCE DCC System
How much track is there?

Unknown. The main line is 578 feet. This does not include where the main line is double or triple tracked, sidings, yards, hidden track, etc. We have not measured every inch of track, but we would easily guess 2000 feet
Is the track really hand-laid?
Yes. nearly all the track that is visible to the public has been hand-laid. We think it looks better and allows us to create any track plan we wish. It is a lot of work, but, like everything else at the club, laying track is someone's hobby. Track that is behind the scenes is prefabricated.
How many switches are on the layout?
Lots. You are free to help us out and count during your next visit. (until we add another yard…)